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Voice Over IP Cabling, NJ and PA

Enhanced VoIP Cabling Services for Small and Large-Scale Businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Improving Voice Communications

Voice Over IP Cabling in NJ and PA

Enterprise voice communications is a technology that is constantly evolving and adapting, meaning business owners who do not keep up with these trends may run the risk of falling behind. As such, any companies that fail to install a Voice Over Internet Protocol system (also known as VoIP) can quickly seem out of date. Ultimately, VoIP cabling can help you save money, enhance productivity among your employees, and connect your business’s network in ways you never thought you could before. Of course, this also starts with quality voice over IP cabling, which means you should be looking for a trusted and experienced VoIP provider to guarantee the job is done right.

Cabling Drops has over three decades of experience with voice over IP cabling and is proud to help clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with their structured cabling solutions. If you’re unaware of what structured cabling might entail, think of the copper or fiber wiring in your building’s walls. Part of this is your VoIP cabling, and it is a crucial part of your company’s voice and data network that helps you communicate with any third parties. This technology is commonly found in office buildings, labs, warehouses, and pharmaceutical entities. While they may seem like very different environments, they share one common thread; they all rely on Cabling Drops for our unparalleled voice over IP cabling services and for assistance equipping their server room with the right technology.

Are you ready to finally ditch your expensive and outdated traditional phone system and move into the future? Cabling Drops is available and willing to assist with any and all of your company’s VoIP cabling services. From VoIP technology to fiber optic cable installation, we are your data communications resource that can help bring your company into the modern age of technology.

What are the Different Types of Voice Over IP Cables?

If you’re new to the world of Voice over IP technology, you likely have plenty of questions about how everything works and the logistics, which our team is available to help you with at any point throughout the process. One critical aspect you may not know is that there are two different types of cables that can be used for your connectivity. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, both can be easily integrated into any workplace environment. The first type of system runs through ethernet cables, while the second one is built with CAT3 telephone wire.

Telephone Wires

CAT3 telephone cables are a common means of setting up voice over IP cabling and are available both as line cords or handset cords. Every corded phone in your office — including IP phones — should be using a handset cord. The handset cord can be anywhere from six to twelve feet in length, with the ultimate size dependent on your office’s layout and needs. Meanwhile, line cords are the flatter ones and are best used for carrying different forms of data from one device to another. While handset cords are used for phones, these line cords are more commonly found in applications such as fax machines and alarm systems.

Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables, more commonly known as CAT5E cabling or CAT6 cabling, are a bit wider than telephone wires and are regarded for their high speeds and versatility around the office and their ability to eliminate instances of crosstalk. CAT6 cables, the newest variation of the two, are lauded for their ability to handle GB speeds upwards of 2000 Mbps. CAT5 cables, while also a fast and reliable option, are only able to handle GB speeds of up to 100 Mbps. 

CAT5 is still an excellent option for various applications, but CAT6 is currently the industry standard due to its impressive speeds. With that said, we highly recommend that businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania looking for up-to-date VoIP cabling services go with CAT6 cables, which the Cabling Drops team can have up and running as soon as you wish.

Of course, we know that all office buildings are not built the same and have varying needs on an individual basis. Because of this, Cabling Drops never takes a one-size-fits-all approach to your network cabling services. Our team of experienced technicians will coordinate with your building architect or in-house IT departments in Chapel Hill, NC, and nearby to ensure that you are receiving the best voice over IP cabling services for your specific needs. 

Thanks to over 35 years of experience, we know the best means of helping companies of all sizes — whether you are a small start-up or a large-scale company with thousands of employees on your payroll. Our voice data cabling services are scalable to fit any size company and even allow you room for future growth and upgrades as the technology continues to evolve.

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Benefits of Commercial VoIP Cabling

If your New Jersey or Pennsylvania company is finally making the decision to switch over to VoIP for their voice communications system, you can take comfort in know that it’s a significant upgrade, and you will begin to see the results almost immediately. In fact, it might not be a stretch to say it’s one of the best decisions that you could make for your company. With all the benefits that VoIP cabling services bring to your business, it would be foolish not to make such a decision. Some of these benefits include:

These are just some of the benefits that voice over IP cabling can bring to your business. Without a strong VoIP system in place, you are very likely missing out on opportunities to improve your company’s day-to-day structure.

Are There Any Limits on Who I Can Talk to With VoIP?

One of the most convenient parts of VoIP cabling is that, in most cases, you can talk to anybody with a telephone number, so long as you have the appropriate service. In fact, there may be capabilities that allow you to speak to more than one person at once without significantly compromising your sound quality and bandwidth. While some VoIP services may charge you long-distance fees, most should allow you to call whoever you want, whenever you want, for one flat rate.

Why Choose Cabling Drops for Your Company’s Voice Over IP Cabling Services?

For over 35 years, Cabling Drops has been helping companies of all sizes upgrade their structured cabling services, which includes VoIP technology for data and voice communications. Not only do we help your employees boost their productivity through these upgrades, but we allow you to run your business better without worrying about your network’s connectivity. These systems do more than just benefit the people inside your company; it makes it easier to communicate with those outside of your organization, as you get clearer phone calls and data transfers.

When we set out to improve your VoIP cabling, we make sure we perform a thorough analysis of your network and your company’s needs before we get started to ensure that we are giving you the best possible solutions. This process includes meeting with you personally, if possible, to get a feel for your company and where specifically you are looking for improvements. Once we have an idea of your office layout and what specifically needs to be addressed, we can provide you with your estimate, and from there, we can find a time that works for you to bring your office’s VoIP technology into the modern world.

No matter where you are in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, our team will be there for you to assist with any questions you may have. Whether that means staying on the phone with you to help troubleshoot any issues or sending our team out to your office to repair any cabling that may be necessary, our technicians are dedicated to you and make sure we do everything in our power to make your voice over IP cabling work for you. Through years of experience and close attention to detail, you can feel confident that our team is the right choice when it comes to upgrading your VoIP.

Find the Best VoIP Cabling Services with Cabling Drops

Is it finally time for your company to make the switch to VoIP? If so, the Cabling Drops team is now offering both data and phone voice over IP cabling services to businesses in Princeton, Bristol, and various other parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The best way to keep your business afloat is to stay up-to-date with the latest capabilities, and that includes your voice and data communications systems within your office. Our team can also assist you with access control solutions, sound masking installation, and plenty of other network solutions. 

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