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Fire Alarm System

Stay Prepared for Disaster With Integrated Alarm Systems in NJ and PA
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Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Do you smell smoke in your office building? Chances are that wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire. If you want to stop a disaster before it starts, you’ll need a reliable fire alarm system in your place of business, and Cabling Drops can make sure that system is as dependable as possible to keep your employees safe.

If you’re looking to keep your office building or commercial property safe from naturally occurring disasters, plenty of potential instances may come to mind. One of which, however, is most likely the threat of a fire breaking out. Without a properly installed and fully functional commercial fire alarm system at your disposal, you put yourself at serious risk of losing valuable equipment, information, and, most importantly, lives. With that in mind, it should go without saying that such a system is essential for protecting any personnel, patrons, and valuable property from going up in flames in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire Alarm System Installation

As you go through the different potential fire alarm systems and fire protection systems that best fit your establishment’s needs, you should also consider who you will partner with for installation. Your best bet is going with a company of highly experienced professionals with an in-depth understanding of fire alarm system installation and how it aligns with building code compliance and any local regulations that need to be adhered to. Otherwise, the installation process becomes a lengthy one that can cost you an arm and a leg.

Fortunately, New Jersey and Pennsylvania businesses have Cabling Drops to depend on, and we bring over 35 years of experience to the table. We work closely with your building’s contractor to make sure your systems are closely monitored, adhere to any building codes or local ordinances applicable, and remain fully functional if a fire does strike your building. We keep five core factors in mind during our fire alarm system installation, and they are as follows:


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to upgrade your current fire alarm system or if you’re having a new one put in from scratch; the design needs to be suitable for your building. Cabling Drops is the most trusted provider of office cabling and network infrastructure in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We’ll work with you every step of the way to develop a solution that fits your specific building and your unique needs while meeting all emergency and protective requirements you have for your establishment.


We know the importance of finding a reliable fire protection system that doesn’t break the bank, which is why we work with you to design one that meets all of your needs while fitting within your budget. Thanks to Cabling Drops, you can develop a clear understanding of the cost of your installation from your first free quote to the time we complete your project.


Once we have determined which fire alarm solution is the best fit for your commercial property, our experienced technicians will arrive on-site, on time to begin the installation process. We collaborate with your contractor on your commercial fire alarm system installation, including making sure that we run all communication lines and wiring throughout your property.


Once we complete the installation of your new fire protection system, our technicians will take a thorough look at your new systems and rigorously test them to make sure everything is up and running without any issues, keeping you prepared in the event that your building sees any smoke or fire-related emergencies at any point in time.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a fire alarm, smoke monitoring system, or sprinkler monitoring system; our team will come out and provide you with routine maintenance as necessary. We want to make sure your commercial property is up to code at all times, so we test to ensure that all heat detectors, smoke detectors, and CO detectors are fully operational.

Sprinkler Monitoring Systems

As part of your fire alarm system, Cabling Drops is proud to offer 24/7 sprinkler monitoring systems for all businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Thanks to our monitoring software, we can set up your system so that you receive a notification directly to your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other devices that let you know the status of your fire sprinkler system. Our electronic supervision provides a direct connection between any heads on your fire sprinkler system and the master control panel for your alarm system. This extra layer of monitoring and protection goes to show how dedicated we are to keeping your business safe.

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Manual Fire Alarm Systems

Manual Fire Alarm Systems

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted installer of commercial fire alarm systems in North Carolina, as we see it as our mission to protect your business from going up in flames. Whether it’s property damage, destroyed inventory, data loss, or even loss of life, thousands of companies fall victim to fires. Tragically, they could all have been avoided if not for an inadequate alarm system.

We find that the most common fire alarm system is a manual alarm. This requires anyone in the building to physically locate and activate the alarm, signaling to everyone in the building that smoke or fire is present. You have most likely seen one of these in commercial properties or industrial buildings as the red device on the wall with a switch. These are called call points and are installed near doors and stairwells to activate the fire alarm system in the event of an emergency. 

Automatic Fire Alarm System

Every office building is different, and while some facilities may be best suited for manual systems, there are plenty of other buildings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that might be better off with automatic fire alarm systems. These have multiple components that each serve a different purpose, all coming together to keep your building safe in an emergency.

Smoke Detectors

There are plenty of components and factors that you might weigh when it comes to your system; smoke monitoring systems are non-negotiable. Smoke detectors are essential for all businesses and come in various shapes and sizes for different functions and applications within your system. There are two types of smoke detectors; ionization detectors and optical smoke detectors. Ionization detectors have a chamber that sets off your alarm whenever smoke enters the building. Meanwhile, optical detectors can identify smoke through an LED light beam, which breaks when smoke enters the device. Regardless of which option you have in your building, a smoke monitoring system is the most efficient way to detect a fire and is a must-have for any property.

Heat Detectors

While they may look similar to smoke detectors, heat detectors serve a different purpose entirely. While smoke detectors have an alarm that reacts when smoke is present, heat detectors respond to changes in temperature within your setting. There are two different heat detectors that can give your building the best results; rate-of-rise detectors, which will go off with excessive temperature increases, and fixed temperature detectors, which will go off at a chosen benchmark.

CO Detectors

If smoke detectors are the most important part of your fire alarm system, CO detectors may be the runners-up. While smoke is relatively easy to detect with its thick appearance and unmistakable smell, carbon monoxide is the byproduct of burning carbon fuel. Because of this, CO is highly toxic, with the slightest exposure enough to lead to permanent damage or even death. However, it is also difficult to notice without a CO detector because it is colorless and odorless. Cabling Drops’ CO detectors are far and away the most efficient means of making sure your alarms go off the second a gas leak happens or high CO levels are detected in your office.

Single-Use Systems

Based on your business and the building’s needs and requirements, there is a chance that single-use systems are the best fit. Cabling Drops can assist with installing these systems and make sure that all building and compliance codes are met and that the patrons of your building are safe. There are a few main components that are used within single-use systems, including the following:

Elevator Recall Monitoring

If your commercial property has an elevator, you know all about the building codes that you must adhere to for the safety of everyone in your building in case of an emergency. Elevator recall monitoring is useful in helping you keep up with these codes, preventing anyone in your building from trying to take the elevator to a floor or area that might be engulfed with flames or smoke. As soon as the elevator recall is activated, the elevator brings patrons to ground level and lets them out, which allows them to make a safe exit and makes the building safer for first responders. In order for it to be successful, however, elevator recall monitoring is critical, as your building’s fire alarm control panels are instrumental in controlling any emergency elevator requirements.

HVAC System Monitoring

HVAC system monitoring is a requirement in nearly all commercial and industrial properties. Whether it’s monitoring water flow from your sprinklers or regulating tamper switches, it is a critical component to keeping your patrons safe per fire protection codes. The experts at Cabling Drops work with your contractor or building manager to make sure the HVAC system monitoring in your building meets the necessary requirements and specifications.

Sprinkler Monitoring Systems

If you have a high-quality sprinkler system installed in your building, monitoring the valves controlling any water flow is likely required. If your fire alarm system does have to be activated for whatever reason, sprinkler monitoring systems go a long way towards helping you track how much water is going to your valves. Keeping tabs on this is the most effective way to ensure that your sprinkler system can sufficiently engulf any fires that may occur.

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