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Audio Video Conferencing Solutions, NJ and PA

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Conference Room Enhancements

Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Few things are more important to your business than how you interact with your clients. From the words you choose to your mannerisms and the creativity of the ideas you present, these are the make-or-break moments that allow your company to sink or swim. However, one aspect that is often overlooked that can significantly impact the impression your company makes is the quality of your communication systems. A laggy video conferencing system or an audio system that constantly drops your conference call can put you in an embarrassing situation. In fact, it may even put you in jeopardy of losing business if the client feels you are too unreliable to get through a simple review meeting without an array of technical difficulties.

By opting to upgrade your audio & video conferencing services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you can avoid any of these issues and ensure better meetings every time. Cabling Drops can help you install custom monitors and speakers while integrating new wiring, outlets, and custom lighting in your conference rooms. We can even install devices to prop up smartphones or tablets during your meetings and install new access points and routers to boost your connectivity and avoid losing connection during important conference calls. Our team has been providing audio & video conferencing solutions and voice over IP cabling solutions for over 35 years, making us the authority for all audio & video conferencing solutions for your business.

Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions
Linking System to Various Networks

Linking Your System to Various Networks

When you choose Cabling Drops for your web conferencing solutions, you are opting for a company that can expand your wireless capabilities to keep your connection strong during meetings and integrate your devices with this new technology. Our contractors can connect the primary monitor in your conference room to various other Wi-Fi-capable computers within your network, making it easier to share different screens and for all attendees to see each other clearly. The installation also comes with a customized remote that allows you to flip through various screens on the main monitor.

If you’re looking for a more state-of-the-art option, we can also install small screens within the conference table for each seat. Having a personalized screen for each attendee makes the audio & video conferencing process much easier and gives a more intimate feel to the meeting. We can also integrate these monitors with your mobile devices for ease of sharing and displaying information. You can also view files on these monitors via flash drive, as they can all come standard with USB ports.

Encouraging Dialogue During Meetings

A conference call is pointless if one party can’t hear what the other is saying or if any dialogue is coming in unclear. The experienced technicians at Cabling Drops can provide you with the solution in the form of microphone installation within your conference room. These audio and video conferencing solutions allow you to speak clearly with anyone on the other line with a simple push of a button. If you are having a private or confidential meeting, you can attach headphones to these devices to ensure your discussion stays secure and only falls on the right ears.

If you’re concerned about these devices being left out in the conference room and at risk of being damaged, we can help you with that as well! Our installation includes installing brackets in your conference room to hold these devices, keeping them safe between uses. We’ll also include new outlets in your conference room as a means of giving each device a place to charge, so you don’t walk into a new meeting to find that your devices are out of battery.

Encouraging Dialogue During Meetings
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HD Video Conferencing with Projectors and Other Equipment

When we offer our audio and video conferencing solutions to companies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we emphasize making sure that you have all the necessary equipment for HD video conferencing between your clients and people within your organization. As such, we can add an HD video screen to your conference room, as well as a projector that can connect to your computers. No need to worry about finding spare wires and cables — we can provide those as well!

To ensure that everyone in your conference room can see the screen and interact with everyone at your meeting, we make sure that your HD video conferencing solutions come equipped with a mount and mobile brackets to easily adjust the projector’s position. With this handy feature, you can ensure that any number of participants of any height sitting at any position can clearly see who they are conversing with. The purpose of this adjustable feature is to make you and your employees more personable to those on the other line and have clear communication without missing any critical details that might come up throughout the call.

Preventing Interference Between Lines of Communication

Our specialists are as thorough as possible when installing your new web conferencing solutions. That includes making sure that there are no loose ends in your newly-updated conference room that could lead to connectivity issues. To avoid these issues from coming about when you least expect them, we ensure that each wire has terminal points, as well as supports and components that route any lines to other conference rooms. Setting this up for your office significantly reduces the odds of any static or interference that could cause your call to drop or create any failures to communicate.

Much of our work ties into your server, and we can connect that server’s cables directly to your conference room’s main computer. Once they are connected, we install devices that monitor the connection strength of these wires, so if there’s ever an issue, we can take the necessary steps to repair your system and ensure that you have a stable connection throughout your meetings. Of course, we will also test these lines of communication as part of our installation process so that when we are finished setting up your audio & video conferencing solutions and leave your office, you can feel confident that you won’t have any issues moving forward.

Creating a Blueprint for Your Solutions

Arguably the most important part of your new audio & video conferencing solutions is the planning stage. As a customer-first business, we know that we can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your conferencing solutions. With this in mind, we take the extra step to help New Jersey and Pennsylvania companies develop a blueprint for the technology they want to be integrated into their conference rooms and offices. This plan includes the location of the monitors, microphones, wires, and other equipment you will use during each meeting and ensuring that they are compatible with any tables and speakers that may already be present. 

Aside from which equipment is going to be included, you’re also going to want an idea of how long the process will take. We clearly outline any timelines for any installations in your audio & video conferencing blueprint and keep you updated throughout the entirety of the process if any of these timelines change for whatever reason. We will also consider how many people your conference room will expect to hold, how many of each device will be needed, and the estimated installation price. No matter what your accommodations are, we are dedicated to meeting them and working with you every step of the way to ensure that happens.

Why Choose Cabling Drops for Your Audio & Video Conferencing Solutions?

For over 35 years, Cabling Drops has been the company that businesses can rely on for enhanced conferencing solutions and can be the go-to choice for New Jersey and Pennsylvania companies. We believe in bringing a customized approach to your audio & video conferencing needs, which is why we meet with you and your IT specialists, if necessary, to determine the best direction for your conference room setup. Even after the installation is complete, we can stay in contact with you in case any maintenance or repairs are needed further down the road.

.Our services have helped companies improve their rapport with clients thanks to clearer communication throughout virtual meetings and conference calls. We understand how meaningful the relationships you foster with your clients are to your business, which is why we take such care to make sure you have the right HD video conferencing and web conferencing solutions to make a great impression. You tell us what you want for your conference room setup, and our licensed and insured technicians will do everything within our capabilities to bring your vision to life.

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Since 1986, Cabling Drops has specialized in audio & video conferencing solutions, conference room technology integration, and wireless devices for businesses of all sizes. We are proud to serve labs, corporate offices, warehouses, and other facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

If you’re curious about how we can improve your conference room solutions or are interested in our network infrastructure services, we are available to assist you and can design a system that works perfectly for your place of business. To receive your free estimate and set up an appointment to discuss your project, reach out to the Cabling Drops team today.